Hannah-Marie Dance Academy.

Dances genres.


Classical Ballet lessons held from as young as the age of 2.5 years. Children will work though ISTD Ballet grades, and free work. They will gain strength and flexibility whilst gaining many skills to become a talented dancer. 


Also known as Acro, teaches the gymnastics tricks in the dance world. From the splits to cartwheels, to handstands and walkovers. In this class you will also gain more strength, control and flexibility, to able you to perform tricks. From aged 5 years. 


Modern dance teaches many different shapes which can be made with the body. Mixing it with lyrical dance children learn how to dance with musicality whilst having great technique. In this class they'll work on ISTD Modern grades and free work, learning new dances on a regular basis. From aged 5


Tap is rhythmical form of dance with the feet. Which was established in America in the 1800's, it is a very fun form of dance learning to make different sounds with different parts of the feet. Children will work on ISTD grades and learn free dances in class. From aged 5


Contemporary dance is becoming a popular form of dance. It explores the feeling of gravity, floor work and executing emotion whilst focusing on technical aspects. Acrobatics and Classical ballet come into place with this form of dance. Must take Ballet and Acrobatics. From aged 7.